Alexander Ryzhikov

Alexander Ryzhikov

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript TypeScript Rescript ReasonML Flowtype Ruby OCaml Python
  • Web: Express Fastify Hapi Meteor Electron NextJS Remix GraphQL
  • Mobile Cordova Ionic React Native
  • Frontend Frameworks: ReactJS EmberJS AngularJS CycleJS SolidJS Svelte
  • Databases: MongoDB CouchDB PouchDB Postgres
  • PaaS/IaaS : OpenShift Heroku DigitalOcean Cloudflare AWS
  • CI : Jenkins TravisCI CircleCi Github Actions Gitlab
  • Ops Docker Kubernetes


Degree, MajorInstitutionGraduation Year
Specialist degree, World economyMoscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics2010

Professional Experience

  • Lead Engineer at RapidAPI (Dec. 2021 - Present)

  • Staff Engineer at Wolt (Jun. 2021 - Dec. 2021)

  • Senior Software Developer and Team Lead at Wolt (Jul. 2019 - Jun. 2021)

    • Full-stack developer TypeScript JavaScript NodeJS Scala ReasonML MongoDB Postgres Kubernetes Docker Kibana Graphana Python
      • ReactNative mobile app
      • various internal tools in React ReasonML TypeScript Rescript
      • Scala Play Python backend
    • Leading frontend development and architecture design
      • UI toolkit used by whole company
      • CI/CD setup, Jenkins, CircleCi, Github Actions
      • monorepo semver, Lerna, Github Private Registry
    • Leading team of 8 devs (5 frontend devs, 2-3 backend devs) + 2 designers + Product Lead
      • ensuring that we do the right things in the right ways.
      • hiring
      • mentoring, coaching, personal growth
      • facilitation
  • Senior Software Developer at Zalando (Nov. 2018 - Jul. 2019)

    • developing performance review tool that was used internally by whole company
      • microservices running on Kubernetes
      • implementing new futures as a full-stack developer TypeScript JavaScript NodeJS ReasonML GraphQL Postgres
      • OpenTracing support for all services
    • leading development/architecture of user facing parts & services
      • performance optimizations
      • designed and implemented new architecture for translations process
        • 100% translation coverage
        • size of the strings in translations service was decreased by 63% (deduplication, only actually used strings)
        • significantly improved process for all parties
        • chatbot for notifications and interactions with translators
        • automatic deploys
      • E2E tests with Cypress
    • recruitment, onboarding, knowledge transfer
    • technologies got to work on: JavaScript ES2015+, ReactJS, NodeJS, Webpack, Kubernetes, AWS, S3, CloudFormation, Postgres, Ruby on Rails, Python, ReasonML, TypeScript, Python, Scala, CSS4, CSSnext, PostCSS styled-components, GraphQL, zone-js, OpenTracing
  • Software Developer at Relex Solutions (Jun. 2016 - Nov. 2018)

    • developing supply chain planning system
      • implementing new futures as a full-stack developer Ruby on Rails JavaScript NodeJS
      • architecture and development of interactive dashboards constructor
      • moving legacy EmberJS codebase to ReactJS without rewriting whole app at once
      • supporting and developing React Native application
    • full-stack ReasonML service to manage customer environment configurations
    • developing internal tools and libs
    • recruitment, onboarding, mentoring + teacher in developer academy
    • technologies got to work on: JavaScript ES2015+ ReactJS NodeJS Webpack Ruby on Rails Python React Native ReasonML Python Java 8 CSS4 CSSnext PostCSS
  • Lead Developer at Modern Accounting (Jan. 2017 - Nov 2021)

    • design
    • prototyping
    • website development & architecture
    • isomorphic ReactJS app
    • NodeJS services
    • DevOps tasks, deployment, logging, monitoring.
  • Senior Front End Developer at OneTwoTrip, Moscow, Russia (Nov. 2015 - Jun. 2016)

    • cross projects frontend architecture
    • developed & launched new avia application
    • developed & launched new dynamic packaging project
    • supporting and developing current legacy apps ReactJS, jQuery, AngularJS
    • recruitment
    • technologies got to work on: JavaScript ES2015+, ReactJS, NodeJS, Webpack, GruntJS, GulpJS
  • Software Developer at Clickavia, Moscow, Russia (Feb. 2015 - Nov. 2015)

    • and
    • developed EmberJS version of avia application
    • developed ReactJS isomorphic dynamic packages application
    • developed NodeJS services
      • dropped basket analysis
      • Russian city names inflector
    • DevOps, CI infrastructure and tasks Docker Jenkins
    • supporting and developing legacy apps AngularJS, EmberJS
    • recruitment
    • technologies got to work on: JavaScript (ES2015+) CoffeeScript AngularJS Jasmine Karma ReactJS EmberJS NodeJS Jenkins Hapi Webpack Babel
  • Front End Developer at Media5, Moscow, Russia (Mar. 2013 – Feb. 2015)

    • developing new projects for our customers
    • iOS hybrid app, -AngularJS apps.
    • Using NodeJS stack as a my front-end workflow background
    • supporting legacy sites and projects of company
    • technologies got to work on: JavaScript git NodeJS stack Cordova AngularJS php git-flow Twig ReactJS
  • Freelancing as Front End Developer (Jan. 2012 – Mar. 2013)

  • CSO at Raiffeisen, Russia, Moscow (Aug. 2011 – Feb. 2013)

    • management and background of contracts,payments and control of the duties counterparties
  • Served as Sergant in Russian military at Air Force radio-technical troops. (Jun. 2010 – Jun. 2011)

  • Sales Manager at, Russia, Moscow (Now. 2009 – Jun. 2010)

Other projects



JavaScript ES5/6/7 Ruby Ruby on Rails OCaml ReasonML Flowtype ExpressJS HapiJS MEteroJS Electron NextJS GraphQL Cordova Ionic React Native MongoDB CouchDB Protobuf Cypress Playwright TestCafe Cloudflare styled-components emotion tailwind unocss OpenShift Heroku DigitalOcean Docker Kubernetes Jenkins TravisCI GitHub GitLab JIRA Bitbucket Redmine Trello Mongoose Browserify Webpack Brocolli Shipit Bower GruntJS GulpJS Yeoman ESlint JSHint PostCSS Stylus Sass CSS Jade Markdown RequireJS jQuery CoffeeScript Browser-Sync Jasmine Jest Mocha Ava Karma Testem Chai power-assert Foundation Bootstrap Lodash Rambda Docker